Trademarks that may pique your interest

A trademark is a symbol, term, or words that have been legally registered or identified as representing a business or product through their use.

Here are a few trademarks that I find to be interesting.

  1. Let’s get ready to rumble

In 1984, Michael Buffer coined the term “Let’s get ready to rumble!” By 1992, he had licensed the term as a (US) federal trademark. The catch has provided $400 million in revenue from trademark licensing as of 2009.

2. Face

Image found on google images

Although it may seem that claiming the word “face” is excessive, Mark Zuckerberg was able to do so following the success of Facebook. The expression “face” has become a Facebook trademark, but only when used by future social media rivals.

3. Law and Order — Dun Dun sound

It’ll be obvious if you hear it, which is precisely the point.

4.Darth Vader’s breathing

Anakin Skywalker’s popular under-the-helmet inhale and exhale, which was created by breathing through a scuba regulator, has been trademarked by Lucasfilm. “Costumes like masks; voice-altering toys,” as well as “toy computers; portable playthings; dashboard driver figurines,” are the only items covered by the trademark.

5. Superhero

Marvel and DC Comics have shared the trademark for the term “SUPERHERO” for over fifty years.

6. Lightning Bolt

Bolt’s signature pose, in which he leans back with one arm to the sky and the other pulled back by his ear, resembling the form of a lightning bolt, is known as “bolting.” Bolt secured trademark registrations by transforming a silhouette of himself “bolting” into a sign that could be used to distinguish the source of the products and services specified in his trademark applications.



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